Wie erstelle ich einen eigenen Krypto-Coin-Mininigpool mit einer eigenen Domaine!

Cryptonote Forknote Pool

Performance Node.js (mit nativen C addons) Mining Pool für  Cryptonote basierte Coins. Basiert auf dem FORK und Coins z.B. Bytecoin, Dashcoin, etc..


Basic features
  • TCP (stratum-like) protocol for server-push based jobs
    • Compared to old HTTP protocol, this has a higher hash rate, lower network/CPU server load, lower orphan block percent, and less error prone
  • IP banning to prevent low-diff share attacks
  • Socket flooding detection
  • Payment processing
    • Splintered transactions to deal with max transaction size
    • Minimum payment threshold before balance will be paid out
    • Minimum denomination for truncating payment amount precision to reduce size/complexity of block transactions
  • Detailed logging
  • Ability to configure multiple ports – each with their own difficulty
  • Variable difficulty / share limiter
  • Share trust algorithm to reduce share validation hashing CPU load
  • Clustering for vertical scaling
  • Modular components for horizontal scaling (pool server, database, stats/API, payment processing, front-end)
  • Live stats API (using AJAX long polling with CORS)
    • Currency network/block difficulty
    • Current block height
    • Network hashrate
    • Pool hashrate
    • Each miners‘ individual stats (hashrate, shares submitted, pending balance, total paid, etc)
    • Blocks found (pending, confirmed, and orphaned)
  • An easily extendable, responsive, light-weight front-end using API to display data

Extra features

  • Admin panel
    • Aggregated pool statistics
    • Coin daemon & wallet RPC services stability monitoring
    • Log files data access
    • Users list with detailed statistics
  • Historic charts of pool’s hashrate and miners count, coin difficulty, rates and coin profitability
  • Historic charts of users’s hashrate and payments
  • Miner login(wallet address) validation
  • Five configurable CSS themes
  • Universal blocks and transactions explorer based on
  • FantomCoin & MonetaVerde support
  • Set fixed difficulty on miner client by passing „address“ param with „.[difficulty]“ postfix
  • Prevent „transaction is too big“ error with „payments.maxTransactionAmount“ option


Miningpool Software Link Github


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